Friday 11 August 2023

A quick kitbash

 This is an old chaos warrior kitbashed with an orc rider and rising beast from Scotia Grendel. He'll serve as a "lord on frostfang" in Kings of War, at least until I get a couple more done, at which point he'll be demoted to the ranks of frostfang riders.

Thursday 10 August 2023

A venerable dwarf

 I'll reprise an earlier post:

Dwarfs are villains ... or at least they should be a great deal more.

Dwarfs in Norse myth and Germanic folklore tend to be surly at best and downright wicked at worst.

They issue curses, lust for goddesses, betray heroes, resemble corpses and turn to stone.

They murder sages, work magic, commit fratricide and become dragons.

They are black elves and dark elves and groan before their stone doors.

They are the maggots of Ymir and, through the works of George MacDonald, as much the ancestors of Tolkien's orcs as any folkloric goblin.

These things make them much more interesting than short, brawny Scotsmen or half-sized Vikings.