Sunday 23 June 2024

The Cult grows futher ...

 The Cult of the Possessed has achieved starting-warband status: a magister with two daggers, a Possessed with the Scorpion Tail mutation, a mutant with Great Claw and club, and a brace of beastmen with heavy armour and two-handed weapons, for exactly 500 crowns. The darksouls with flail and two-handed weapon are waiting in the wings.

Wednesday 19 June 2024

The Cult grows ...

 Two new recruits for the Cult of the Possessed: another beastman and a Possessed with the Scorpion Tail and (possibly) Spines mutations.

Tuesday 18 June 2024

Minimalism in miniature: the start of a Cult of the Possessed

I've long been interested in speed-painting miniatures and finding ways to achieve striking effects with minimal effort. Recently, I've been inspired by the Instagram accounts of Standingforms, 1988chewit and Gardens of Hecate. In very different ways, all three achieve spectacular effects with judicious and consistent use of colour.

As I've been playing quite a bit of Mordheim recently with friends and my kids, I wanted to get some quick warbands to introduce some of that game's more characteristic factions: in particular, the Cult of the Possessed. I decided to go with figures that were swiftly and minimally drybrushed in near monochrome, apart from two colourful areas: their weapons and their heads.

This minimalist scheme has two key functions: it allows me to get the miniatures done quickly; and it should make them entirely distinctive on the tabletop. We'll be playing some multiplayer games in the coming months, so I want this particular cult to be umistakeable.

The scheme involves abandoning realism entirely. There's no reason for the weapons to be green (apart from perhaps a hint of verdigris over bronze - but that wouldn't explain the hafts), and there's no diagetic logic behind the red heads and headgear. But besides creating coherence, the abandonment of realism helps, perhaps, to suggest that this warband inhabits - as Cormac McCarthy put it - "regions beyond right knowing where the eye wanders and the lip jerks and drools".

Oh my god, said the witch hunter ...

Sunday 2 June 2024

Undead warband for Mordheim

 I recently painted up this undead Mordheim warband for a friend: quick paintjobs in time for a mini-tournament that we played out a couple of weeks ago. 

For some reason, four (!) coats of matt varnish have failed to quell the shine from the initial coat of Vallejo gloss. I've suggested to the friend that he try a fifth coat in a week or two. We shall see ...