Sunday 18 July 2021

Tin Soldier orcs

 Here's a small band of orcs from the Tin Soldier. They must be around the cheapest 28mm fantasy miniatures around, at a quid a pop. The company also offers staggeringly good customer service. I got mine the next working day after ordering them, with postage coming in at £3. The Tin Soldier hydra is a brilliant old-school miniature and costs all of £4. The orcs are really nice figures that fit in quite well with Citadel's Fantasy Tribe range.

I've got another seven to paint up, which completes this particular range; Tin Soldier also offers some other orcs done in a very different style. I picked up some of the goblins, which match that style, and will finish them off soon. 

To me, these are just about perfect as D&D-style orcs: nasty-looking, but also scrawny (and hungry?), and just right for one-hit-die creatures. The fellow with the mace and the snakes would make a good tribal cleric. 

Rather charmingly, the chap in the horned helmet (above, centre) has a leather knapsack - for carrying off plunder and small morsels, presumably. The faces remind me of the troll in Jim Henson's The Storyteller. 

I'm painting up a lot of the Fantasy Tribe orcs in a similar style, and these will mix in nicely.