Sunday 27 March 2022

My son's Star Wars kitbash


My son kitbashed this fellow from various bits and bobs. He's put up a video about it here.

Sunday 20 March 2022

A kit-bashed demon for Reign in Hell

 I picked up the Reign in Hell skirmish rules the other day and decided to kitbash some demons for the game. This one's an armoured demon (one of the regular troop types). He has the head and horns of a GW beastman, the body and tail of a Frostgrave demon and the arms and equipment of a Mantic orc.

I plan to assemble a few warbands to try out the rules, which can cope with up to four players. There's plenty of scope for using orcs, etc., as demons - appropriately enough from an etymological standpoint (orcneas = "hell-corpses").

I also have a big batch of kitbashed and half-painted broos that should slot in nicely. This fellow could work as a broo too, of course - albeit an unusually well-equipped one.