Wednesday 9 November 2022

A Hinchliffe/Broadsword goblin and some 25mm RPG miniatures


Here's a Hinchliffe goblin (now produced by Broadsword Miniatures). I really like these venerable orcs; were I to do the Battle of the Five Armies for Hordes of the Things or equivalent, these are the fellows I'd use for the goblin army. They might not be an exact match for JRRT's descriptions of orcs in The Lord of the Rings, but they contravene nothing in the text of The Hobbit. 

In our D&D games, these fellows will probably serve as hobgoblins, as they're fairly hefty next to the "true 25mm" figures that I'm painting up for RPGs. Below are a couple from Tin Soldier and a Julie Guthrie half-orc from Grenadier alongside the Hinchliffe goblin.