Tuesday 28 February 2023

Three Skaven


Here are three skittering Skaven for our upcoming forays into Mordheim. The slinger is from the second generation of Jez Goodwin Skaven; the other two are from the infamous Mordheim/Night Runners sprue - the dreaded 'dog-monkeys'. I don't mind them; I had a lot of fun painting them, and I think the sillier elements (tabi and HUGE hands) aren't too bad in the end. The faces could be a bit more rat-like (especially the guy with the leather helmet above), but they look more rodenty if painted with furry muzzles rather than with the bare faces that Skaven are increasingly painted with. 

I note that the original Citadel Skaven were usually shown with furry snouts and only their noses bare, which is much more rat-like than the naked snouts most favour today:

Anyway, these guys add to a growing Skaven swarm, and there will be a rat-ogre to follow.

Saturday 18 February 2023

Mordeim ruin WIP

 Some progress on a taller Mordheim ruin - boarded-up windows to be added to the first floor, along with roof tiles. 

Monday 13 February 2023

Mordheim ruins


These are some quick Mordheim ruins built from cardboard (ordinary box cardboard glued together for double thickness) with coffee stirrer planking. I covered the corrugations using wood filler. I took the templates from the marvellous Devs & Dice YouTube channel

Friday 10 February 2023

Zorn orc

I've been intrigued by the Zorn palette for a while. As I'm going to be dabbling in a little Mordheim, I thought I'd try it out on an otherwise goofy GW orc for a bit of added grimdark. My only cheats were the base (burnt umber, grey and white, plus a green wash on the rocks), the metallics (Vallejo steel plus Agrax plus silver highlights) and the blood-effect paint (Citadel Blood for the Blood God). Otherwise, he was entirely painted with these colours:

I plan to do a whole warband in the same style, though I'll try to mix up what goes where. It's a lot of fun painting with such Dogme-style restrictions; I only wish the daylight had been a bit brighter here today, so that I could have taken a better photo of such a dark figure!