Saturday 22 July 2023

Scratch-built bulette


Here's the latest beastie from my son - a reimagining of the D&D bulette or landshark. And here's how he did it:

Monday 3 July 2023

Some rebased and refreshed orcs

I've had little time for painting of late, but I have used the odd break to rebase and touch up some old orcs. I painted most of these around eight years ago; they were originally on rather garish green bases. These will probably get some tufts of greenery sooner or later. The square bases render them suitable for Kings of War and Impetus (among other games) without harming their skirmish or RPG potential. 

These four are only a fraction of those I've rebased in the last couple of weeks - I reckon I've got two KoW 'regiments' and a couple of 'troops'. A new batch of MDF bases arrived today, so their ranks will swell even more fairly soon.