Wednesday 17 May 2023

The start of a Realms of Chaos (and Mordheim) warband


Why not use Realms of Chaos warbands in Mordheim? The thought struck me the other day, so I rolled up a warband using the tables in Slaves to Darkness. 

The result was a largeish warband by Mordheim standards, but not one that looked grossly unbalanced. I ended up with a normal human champion of chaos, blessed with four arms. His followers are 11 humans (with a dominant attribute of beweaponed extremities) and five Skaven (with a dominant attribute of prehensile tales and hatred of elves).

So that gives us 17 individuals, none of whom have exceptional stats except for the extra attacks from the extra arms, weapon-limbs and prehensile tails. The latter two are dominant attributes, so I gave half of each group the traits, rounding down for the Skaven and up for the humans. That leaves two Skaven with prehensile tails and six humans with beweaponed extremities (who'll work very nicely as mutants with the 'great claw' mutation in regular Mordheim). All regular Mordheim bands will have more powerful individuals and - often - better equipment, so I'm going to throw these chaps into a game and see how they do. 

I have to kitbash the rest of them first, of course ...


  1. Oh that is a pretty warband. Welcome back to Mordheim. You can never truly escape.