Tuesday 28 February 2023

Three Skaven


Here are three skittering Skaven for our upcoming forays into Mordheim. The slinger is from the second generation of Jez Goodwin Skaven; the other two are from the infamous Mordheim/Night Runners sprue - the dreaded 'dog-monkeys'. I don't mind them; I had a lot of fun painting them, and I think the sillier elements (tabi and HUGE hands) aren't too bad in the end. The faces could be a bit more rat-like (especially the guy with the leather helmet above), but they look more rodenty if painted with furry muzzles rather than with the bare faces that Skaven are increasingly painted with. 

I note that the original Citadel Skaven were usually shown with furry snouts and only their noses bare, which is much more rat-like than the naked snouts most favour today:

Anyway, these guys add to a growing Skaven swarm, and there will be a rat-ogre to follow.


  1. Really nice paint job and we totally agree on the better effect of the furry faces (also because shearing a skaven isn't that easy...)