Sunday, 17 July 2022

Marauders of the Wastes

Any dusty sci-fi setting needs some primitive marauders to come howling out of the wastes at inopportune moments. These Copplestone half-orcs looked the part, I thought.

I envisage three main uses for these fellows in our sci-fi games. 

First, they'll offer a challenge for players who want to eschew the pew-pew for some brutal hand-to-hand action. 

Second, they'll provide a consolation prize for any player who gets knocked out early from a multiplayer game ("OK, these guys turn up - you're in charge. They want to take as many heads as possible/steal some tech/destroy all technology."). Because they don't have guns, they'll represent a fair step down from the starting force, regardless of the rules we're using. 

Third, they'll act as a band of wandering monsters, which we usually include in our games to add some spice. We typically set aside x monsters with stats and then roll dx if a d6 rolled at the end of the turn comes up with a 6. 

I'm going to add some accompanying beasts with the same markings as the shields. And I have a few more on the way: some with bows, which will give them at least some ranged capability.

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