Monday, 5 November 2018

Three more!

Three more quick 'n' dirty orcs painted with my minimalistic two-tone approach.


  1. Great paint work as usual, and I really like the shield design. Are these for a particular setting or scenario you have in mind?

  2. Thanks!

    The main aim is really to have another group of baddies for D&D games. Given the pentacle on the shield, I was thinking that they might be the minions of some sorcerer or other. I'm going to build some terrain items marked with the same symbol, to echo Saruman and his "filthy white badges". Of course, the sorcerer will also have nastier and more dangerous underlings than mere orcs ...

    A secondary reason is to have some "heavy foot" for Dragon Rampant games. Most of the orcs we have look more like "bellicose foot" (with or without the armour upgrade). But having some steadier, more heavily armoured sorts will give a bit more flavour to DR games. I should be able to get a complete DR warband out of these and some old Chronicle wolfriders I have kicking around.