Sunday 23 June 2024

The Cult grows futher ...

 The Cult of the Possessed has achieved starting-warband status: a magister with two daggers, a Possessed with the Scorpion Tail mutation, a mutant with Great Claw and club, and a brace of beastmen with heavy armour and two-handed weapons, for exactly 500 crowns. The darksouls with flail and two-handed weapon are waiting in the wings.


  1. Any Mordheim gang that is based in part upon a quote from Cormac McCarthy has my attention. And fervent support.

    1. Haha! Now there would be a project: modelling the Glanton Gang as a Mordheim warband (Witchunters? Chaos marauders?) and the Comanche war party as another, bloodstained bridal gowns, red horse heads, stovepipe hat and all!