Wednesday 8 May 2024

A kitbashed orc hero for Mordheim


Hot on the heels of the last post, I decided to come up with a much bigger orc hero for the Morheim warband. This guy's massive, but I quite fancy pairing him up with the little Marauder guy as a little'n'large pair of 'big uns': one sly and skilful and the other a lumbering galoot.

In a swap a couple of years back, I'd picked up some GW orcs, a few of which had legs from old chaos warriors. I liked the upright stance and the hulking effect, so I added orc arms and a space-ork head. A bit of greenstuff to fill out his back and boots and cover the joins, and a skull from an Oathmark standard for an outlandish belt buckle or codpiece, and he was ready for paint.

I also found an old black orc that I'd started to paint up in a similar scheme to the last pair. So I added a hefty goblin bow and decided that - for now - he'll replace the C15 crossbowman as the gang's leader, with the latter relegated to the ranks or even the sidelines. With his outsized weaponry and fancy hat, this guy looks just intimidating enough to keep his hefty and doubtless uppity underling in check - for now, at least.

1 comment:

  1. Great kitbash, the different parts work really well together! Your paint job on the Black Orc looks fantastic too.