Sunday 11 February 2024

The world's oldest Space Ork?!


This is a converted Fantasy Tribes Orc from Citadel. He dates from 1982 and is a variant of FT06 (Orc Swinging Axe). His axe has not escaped the 80s, so I thought I'd make him a sci-fi figure in the tradition of Gary Chalk (whose converted C15 Orc Chieftain with assault rifle featured in an early White Dwarf).

I have a small warband of converted old-school orcs underway; next up will be Copplestone and Lund conversions.

Oh, and happy Year of the Dragon! Here's my son's latest offering to celebrate the Spring Festival:


  1. Fantastic conversion and paint job too - the skin looks ace!

    1. Thanks very much! The next one's almost done.

  2. A very nice Rogue Trader ork vibe 😃