Sunday, 14 November 2021

Speed-painted goblins

I painted these goblins for a friend's children. They were done with great haste: black gesso undercoat, drybrushed grey then white, contrast paints, details and done!
Contrast paint over a black undercoat is now my go-to method for speed painting. So long as the subject matter is suitably murky and the drybrushing is done thoroughly, it gives reasonable results for very little time and effort.


  1. And Jolly good they look too. I must persevere with this method. I think it will work well on a load of Chronicle orcs I have.

  2. Nice! Have to say, not had much luck with contrast paints on black undercoat, but these look ace.

  3. Looking really good!

    Contrast over a black/grey/white shaded base is my new found thing, I'm enjoying painting more than ever and getting better results in a fraction of the time.

  4. Looking good. I'll must try your Contrast Paint & drybrush over black method. I like my evil doers to look murky.