Saturday, 30 May 2020

Essex lizardmen

I bought these Essex lizardmen on a nostalgic whim. They used to be advertised in White Dwarf, along with the entire Essex fantasy range. They're crude but rather charming, I think. And they're certainly lizardmen, which has caused the kids no end of amusement.

Ungirded loins aside, they're clearly based on the Monster Manual illustration, as are Citadel's much smaller Fiend Factory reptile man and some of the big lizardmen that Grenadier made (now in production as Mabuyan lizardmen at Mirliton). Those would fit well with these Essex fellows - and would also explain why the slightly more civilised-looking Mabuyans are bothering with loincloths!

I painted these very simply, using just two shades of green and a wash. I didn't bother with paler underbellies; quite a lot of reptiles seem to be largely the same shade all over, and I wanted these creatures to look simple and bold.


  1. These figures are new to me, I only knew the historical range by Essex, not their Fantasy figures. Well done!

    1. Thanks! The Essex range has some real gems - for example, the Cursaa's Orcs by Bob Olley - and some more dated stuff. But even the older stuff - like these lizardmen - works really well on the table. The Great Scaly Orcs and gnolls are a lot of fun.

  2. Well, these are great. This hobby needs more, uh, *visible* men, if you will. Great work.

  3. Definitely a few pythons or maybe grass snakes there! They do have a certain charm although I must say, I've never understood that awkward pose the middle swordsman has where he is twisting round and looking over his shoulder - I'm sure I've seen a few minis of all different kinds like that over the years and I'm sure they're all of that older vintage - was there a reason for this particular stance or am I making something of nothing?!

    Lovely painting as always and another reminder to go and check the Essex range out!

  4. Hello! Hello!
    I'm new here and I have questions about your painting method for the orcs.
    I need also advices for where to find nick lund's black orcs.
    I can't find a way to contact you by email!

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