Monday, 18 May 2020

A couple more bugbears

I rebased an Essex bugbear to join the last post's merry crew and added a goblin from the same D&D boardgame. I thought the latter would work well as a female or young bugbear, as it's much too big for a 28mm goblin.

Yesterday, she featured as the bugbear chief's concubine in the caves of chaos. She proved braver than her mate, who fled to the minotaur. But he was hit with a sleep spell an hour or so later, and that was that.

I'm fond of the Essex bugbears; this one was painted a while back and could probably do with some sharpening up.


  1. Nice work. Pity Essex only make 3 bugbears.

  2. Excellent paintjob! I love these minis from the D&D boardgame (I offered one to my son 15 years ago :)), I have painted some of them but I was waiting for some inspiration for the goblin, now I have it, thanks !

  3. I like the armour you have painted on the bugbear with the mace and shield.