Friday, 5 April 2019

Not quite finished ...

... but getting there (after 20 minutes' touch up). These would be OK on the table, I reckon. I might do some more to the eyes (yellow ink wash and - perhaps - pupils). And some insignia or markings on the shoulder pads might help. Large parts of these - the shoulder pads and the edging on the tunics - aren't really painted at all. But for a quick approach, I don't think it really matters so long as the faces stand out.


  1. The first miniature I ever painted... must have been 1991 or maybe even before. You did a much better job here. Excellent!

  2. Thanks! I'd never seen them in the 'flesh' until yesterday. The faces are surprisingly characterful for such early plastics.

    Still trying to work out whether to leave the eyes white, give them a red-yellow glow or render them yellow and pupilled like those of my other red goblins.